What Is Pawn And Why Choosing  A Nickels Worth Is Right For You

Pawn Explained

What is Pawn? Pawn is a short term Collateral Loan where Customers are given cash for a percentage of an items value.

Pawn shops are legally required to allow a 30 day period allowing customers to redeem pawned items for the initial amount borrowed plus all acrued interest fees duing the holding period. (Interest fees at our establishment are 2o%).

Customers are given the option to pay the monthly interest fees to prevent their pawned items from being pulled and sold by the loaning institution. 

Under the circumstances that a loan or loan interest fee is not payed off the item then belongs to the loaning institute. 

Pawn loans tend to have higher Interest rates than bank lending, but generally pawn loans are for smaller amounts of money.

Please note that Pawn loans are intended to be short term and financially it is not in your best interest to continue paying interest fees and roll over the loan for longer terms. 

The Benefits Of Pawning With Us ​​

Your items are insured. We provide 24/7 surveillance, and Safe Storage. we believe customers deserve peace of mind when loaning their possessions.

​We offer 5% lower Interest Rates than The Average competitor.

We offer a 10% break on Interest Rate on Short Term Loans over $100..

Customer Service is Unmatched, 
at A Nickels Worth we believe in a strong community bond between customers and our business.

Additional Information

Interest on loans is 20% per month which is 5% lower than other local pawnshops. We also offer a 10% break for the first week on loans of $100.00 and higher.
*(Breaks are only included on cash payments).  

Here is an example of interest Gained on a $100.00 Pawn Loan.

One Week - $10.00 
One Month - $20.00
Two Months- $40.00

*(loans are written for one month at a time).

*(Pawned items are held for a maximum of 30 days past the due date before defaulting)
*(Loans in pawn can be renewed for additional months in pawn)
*(Loans can only be paid using Cash or Debit).

 *(Credit cards or checks will not be accepted)